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Margo for Animals works with qualified, local 501(c)(3) animal rescue organizations, medical professionals and pet food manufacturers. Our goal is to provide services and education to promote responsible animal care and the prevention of cruelty to animals.    

Adoption Best Practices


Caring for your Pets:


MFA "Qualified as Excellent" local veterinarians:

Dr. Jon Bertoldo: Columbia, NJ (908)469-0009

Dr. Linda Grau, Freedon, NJ (973) 383-0811

Dr. Alex Cojocar: Hackettstown, NJ (908)852-3166


Providing for your pets if you pass away or become incapacitated:

  • Do not fall in love with a picture or someone else's description--unless you'd pick a spouse or best friend from a photo and someone else's impression, don't pick your dog that way.  It's the number one mistake people make and easy to avoid if you know that what you are doing is transferring your emotional hopes and needs for a dog onto an image--not "falling in love at first sight."
  •  Avoid the timid puppy.  Timid pups are prone to fear aggression in greater numbers than any other personality type.  Even the most gentle can grow up badly and get into trouble, so while it's tempting to say "Oh, poor shy puppy is scared!  I'll protect him," remember the eventual size of this breed.  Don't borrow trouble--if you want a dog to run with, pick the bouncy puppy.  If you want a reasonable puppy, look for the one who is friendly but not pushy, interested and who responds readily to your attempts at communication.  
  • If you can, remove all emotion and consider this something like a meet and greet or a job interview.  Anyone who pressures you for a decision "right now" or talks about how fast the dog will go should be viewed with suspicion--while yes, certain dogs are more desirable in the system, it is utterly misleading to try and create an artificial demand (seriously, anyone willing to adopt a large dog can ALWAYS find a good one--the small ones are the ones that go fast and even then, there are always more all the time).  Anyone seeking to convince careful people to jump into adoption has an ulterior motive, which may or may not be in your best interest.
  • Speak openly and honestly about what type of personality, activity level etc, you are looking for.  There is a dog for everyone, whether you want to run a marathon or only watch a movie version, in the system, right now, waiting for their ideal home.  The problem comes when people don't know what they want, aren't honest or try to adjust the house to the dog.  Don't do that:  pick the dog for the house, not the other way around.

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