Harriet's No Hunger Program


In memory of Harriet S. Biblin, who would never let an animal (or human) go hungry.

Harriet's No Hunger program was developed to provide nutrition guidance and high quality pet food to qualified, local 501(c)(3) animal rescues, shelters and sanctuaries.

If your organization is interested in Harriet's No Hunger Program, please contact us and a volunteer will respond shortly.
  Harriet and Rapid  
Harriet and MadMax        

The piano music you are listening to was performed by Harriet S. Biblin .If you do not hear it click here :


Margo for Animals is a fully qualified 501(c)(3) non profit animal welfare organization. If you would like to donate towards the Harriet's No Hunger Program, please use our secure PayPal site:

Your donation is tax deductable. Receipts will be provided upon request.

Thank you for your support.



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