Freshpet RocksFreshpet works directly with Margo for Animals to provide qualified rescue organizations and shelters with their exceptional fresh pet food. We have received fantastic feedback from the rescues we support about how the food has helped the animals.


The Pet Adoption League in New Jersey received the NEW Freshpet cat food which will support their foster population and the TNR (trap-neuter-release)feral cats they are helping:

tnr cat" I have to tell you, almost all of my cats did like it, the tnrs LOVED IT, and the only thing I can say is they liked it better when I warmed up the food a little, I guess it is like eating fried chicken, does it taste better hot or cold? I did like the no waste packaging, and I am down to only about 8 cases left, it goes quick!!" thanks Patty, Pet Adoption League

"We received a delivery of Freshpet from Margo For Animals. I have a foster dog that has colitis. I tried several dog foods the Vet recommended. This along with several medications. Nothing helped. I tried the Freshpet for Max the Boxer.  Within two days his diarrhea stopped.   We haven't had a problem since we've had him on Freshpet. Thank you! " Pet Adoption League of Northwest NJ

"One of our sanctuary dogs is a skin and bones Great Dane. She only eats enough to stay alive and will go days without eating.  Since she has been receiving the Freshpet food, she is actually excited about eating and is not picky at all.  She has actually gained some weight. All of our dogs are thrilled with the fresh food and are turning their noses at all the dry food when this is available.  They are all doing great on it with smaller stool.  This is a big deal when you are working with many large animals" All About Them Giant Breed Rescue

"I wanted to let you know that I had a foster that has food allergies and the doctors wanted us to put her on prescription dog food.  I said I would wait and try Freshpet.  I gave the dog only Turkey Home Style and her coat grew back in with no problems.  Just the other week I called the people that adopted her and she is still on Turkey and has no allergy out breaks.  This has now been two months. " Rawhide Rescue


The Freshpet Program is not just reserved for dogs. This wonderful fresh food (based upon the Pandean Diet) is excellent for wildlife and is used at Woodlands Wildlife Rescue. The addition of Freshpet to the Woodlands bear cubs diet put them at a much healthier weight at the time of their release. The Freshpet "Loved Dog" treats were instrumental in providing oral medications to the cubs when necessary. Read about the New Jersey bear release


freshpet turtle


Our sanctuary turtles LOVE Freshpet and will take it directly from our hands.





"My wife and I are fostering an old male black lab who, along with his sister, was dumped by someone at our shelter in Byram, N.J. when we were all out at a pet adoption day.  His sister, a golden retriever, is also being fostered by another BARKS volunteer.  We took the old male lab in, who is deaf as a door knob, and probably 11+ years old.  We named him "Bear", because he resembles a bear as he wanders around our property with our other two rescued black labs, Jiggs and Gracie.  We feed him the Freshpet and his improvement in energy is already noticable.  We have had him now for just over a week.  Everyone said he would probably expire due to his age or the extreme heat that recently was in our area, so we decided to foster him.  This old boy is improving everyday, and I am sure the Freshpet is one of the main reasons.  Thanks for supplying BARKS with this quality pet food product.  No issues with loose bowels since switching him to it, and good old Bear along with Jiggs  and Gracie cannot get enough of it. I am a customer of this product forever ! " Bill from BARKS in Byram, NJ

"Aunt Mary has had 16 dogs of various ages, breeds and sizes eating the Freshpet food for over one month. She has noticed that the dogs"cannot get enough" of the food. Mary has also noticed lower volume of stool which she interprets as "more efficient fuel." Plus, she noticed that the "output" is much easier to pick up - a big plus for dog owners and walkers." Aunt Mary's Dog House


About Freshpet

In 2005, a group of pet food experts, nutritionists and pet lovers came together to start Freshpet™. The combined pet industry experience spans over 200 years. Freshpet believes a healthy diet includes fresh, wholesome, natural foods that are less processed and the same is true for dogs. They saw an opportunity to dramatically improve the nutrition and quality of food for pet companions. They developed Deli Fresh® and Freshpet Select™ brands.

The formulas include 70% real chicken, beef or turkey which is then blended with carrots, peas and brown rice. The meats are all fresh, never frozen or preprocessed prior to cooking and all of the ingredients are locally sourced from the US using stringent quality standards.

The ingredients are cooked in small batches at the US factory. Margo for Animals visits the plant regularly and can verify the quality and sanitary production at the manufacturing facility.

The ingredients are gently cooked in the factory to maintain the natural goodness of the ingredients without any preservatives. The foods undergo 1/3 of the processing that dry and canned products do. In fact, dry and canned products are highly processed and use preservatives to enable them to sit on shelves for up to two years.

The fresh foods are made daily and delivered to the pet aisle refrigerator. They must be used by the "fresh by" date that is weeks later, not years. Once opened, they need to be used within 7 days - just like products made from meat for humans.

Every step of the way was ground-breaking and did not follow the normal path of developing a new line of pet food. But that's what Freshpet® is all about. Not doing what's easy, but doing what's best. for your pet. Freshpet is changing the way people feed their pets--one bowl at a time.



Pandean or PAN diets stand for Pasteurized, All Natural, and Nutrient Dense. PAN is a scientific descriptor for fresh pet foods that adhere to the principle of minimal processing to retain nutrient value, are fresh meat-based and contain all natural ingredients (fresh vegetables, brown rice for fiber, etc.).


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